About us

The Midplus Logistics Knowledge Cluster is a pan-European network of universities that have set themselves the goal of cooperating closely on various levels strategically, defining the core competences of all partners and sharing their knowledge and expertise to build a strong logistics and supply chain management knowledge cluster.

In the Midplus Logistics Knowledge Cluster the three partner universities VIA University College (DK-Aarhus/Horsens), Fontys University of Applied Sciences (NL-Venlo) and Offenburg University of Applied Sciences cooperate strategically in the field of logistics.

  • VIA University College is Denmark's third largest university and is involved in the cooperation with its Value Chain Management (VCM) degree program, the only one of its kind in Denmark.
  • Fontys University of Applied Sciences has long held first place in the ranking of Dutch universities in the field of logistics management.
  • Offenburg University of Applied Sciences is involved in the cooperation with its Logistics and Commerce degree program which focuses on research and cooperation with companies with an international scope (interregional hub INTERREG).

Associated are also the two universities HAMK, FIN- Valkeakoski and HZ Hogeschool Zeeland, NL-Vlissingen.


  • We support, elaborate and promote a European mindset in logistics and help students gain cross-cultural experience during their studies by working in international teams and interacting with participants from other universities and countries.
  • We offer international experience through the TOPweek Modules and TOPproject Programs, where participants spend a week abroad to gain access to the special expertise from international staff teams from the partner universities (student and lecturer mobility) and work to solve international case studies from partner companies (private sector) in international teams.
  • We support and promote logistics and cultural knowledge sharing between universities, lectures and companies, offering a view beyond national and local scenarios (knowledge mobility).
  • We provide a platform where communication, collaboration and knowledge transfer between the stakeholders can take place across borders, strengthening in this way the network between universities and companies in the logistics field.