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31. August 2021 TopWeeks and Company Projects_Final Report PDF-fil O4 and O5_Final Report.pdf
31. August 2021 O4 Roadmap_How to do a TopWeek PDF-fil O4 Roadmap_How to do TopWeeks.pdf
31. August 2021 O5 Roadmap_How to do a Company Project PDF-fil O5 Roadmap_How to do Company Projects.pdf
28. August 2021 Infographic Alumni Analysis PDF-fil Infographic Alumni Analysis.pdf
28. August 2021 2_Stakeholder Identification Alumni Networks PDF-fil 2_Stakeholder Identification Alumni Networks.pdf
28. August 2021 3a_StatusQuoAlumninetworks PDF-fil 3a_StatusQuoAlumninetworks.pdf
28. August 2021 3b_StakeholderMotivationCompanies PDF-fil 3b_StakeholderMotivationCompanies.pdf
28. August 2021 3c_AlumniPreferencesNetworking PDF-fil 3c_AlumniPreferencesNetworking.pdf
28. August 2021 3d_StudentPreferencesNetworking PDF-fil 3d_StudentPreferencesNetworking.pdf
28. August 2021 3e_ConclusionStakeholderMotivation PDF-fil 3e_ConclusionStakeholderMotivation.pdf