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28 August 2021 4_FunctionalDesignAlumniDatabase PDF document 4_FuncationalDesignAlumniDatabase.pdf
28 August 2021 5_ImplementationAlumniDatabase PDF document 5_ImplementationAlumniDatabase.pdf
28 August 2021 Analysis of AlumniNetworks_ProjectPlan PDF document Analysis of AlumniNetworks_ProjectPlan_.pdf
28 August 2021 Literature Study Alumni Networks PDF document Literature Study Alumni Networks.pdf
28 August 2021 O3 Company Analysis_Final Report PDF document O3 Company Analysis_Final Report.pdf
26 August 2021 O1/O6 Final Report - Midplus Communication and Collaboration Platform PDF document O1-Final_Report.pdf
18 September 2020 A Conceptual Framework for a Communication and Collaboration Platform within a European Transnational Logistics Knowledge Cluster of Universities and Companies PDF document ICEUTE 2020 Midplus Conceptual Framework.pdf
18 September 2020 Video: Midplus Platform Framework ICEUTE 2020 (file too large) Text file Video-Midplus Platform Framework.txt
31 July 2020 Innovative Förderung der Internationalisierung (German) PDF document Article Campus Magazin-Hochschule Offenburg.pdf