Platform Guidelines

The User Dashboard

Once you have logged in into the platform you will be welcomed by the platform's dashboard.

Main Dashboard Area
In this area you will first see a welcome message and next to it an option to access your message drawer.
Underneath you will will see the latest platform announcements. These are general announcements managed by the platform administration and you can only read them.
The next section is the course overview where you will see the modules you are following and their progress. This area can be customized to:
  • show modules by filter options: All, In progress, Future, Past and Starred modules
  • Sort the modules by Course name or Last accessed
  • Display the modules as Card or Summary
  • Star courses or remove them from view

The Main Navigation Menu

On the left you will find the main navigation options for the various platform functionalities. These will be explained in detail later on:

 Menu toggle (to hide/display the labels of the navigation menu options)
 Media center
 Career portal
 Competency search
 Expert's corner
 Alumni network
 User portfolio
 User guidelines
 Request a new module (only for course managers or lecturers)
 Accessibility settings (optional)

The Top Navigation Bar

On the top navigation bar you will find access to general information areas, the list of the modules you are following, the global search functionality, the notifications and messages drawers, and access to your profile and settings:

clicking on the Midplus logo displays the dashboard again

provides general information about the Midplus project, the Midplus Team and project documentation

provides general information about the modules in each of the learning tracks  or categories currently offered on the platform.

provides direct access to the learning modules in which you are currently registered.

via the languages menu you can select the preferred language for the platform system options but this does not change the language of the resources or materials. The preferred language of the platform is English.
click to access the global search functionality of the platform. Type in a search term to get results based on content, modules or users
click to check the platform nitifications such as course completion, certificate award, forum notification among others.
click to read your messages and chat with other platform users or groups.
user avatar and access to user menu

The Collapsible Block Drawer
To the right of the dashboard you will find a collapsible area which contains additional activity or information blocks. This area will be customized according to the platform functionality you are using and your role and access rights. You may hide or display this area as required by clicking on the blue arrow on the left of it.

On the dashboard you will find:
  • the block Online users, which shows active users in the last 5 minutes. Next to the user name is a message icon which you can click on to send a message to the user. Next to your own name there is an eye icon which you can click on to hide/display your name on the block.
  • the block Upcoming events, which shows the next events entered in the calendar. You will be able to see all upcoming platform events, and your own course and user events.
  • the block Latest jobs, which shows the latest job offer published in the platform. By clicking on the company logo or on the job title link you will see the full job description.
  • the block Midplus Spotlights where new courses, events or special news will be advertised. By clicking on the spotlight you will be redirected to the relevant page.
The Footer
At the bottom of the dashboard you will see the platform footer area. This area will appear to the bottom of ever page of the platform and provides access to general information areas as well options to contact Support when you are having difficulties with the use of the platform or to send your general information inquiries through the Contact us option. 
The LinkedIn button opens the LinkedIn login page and is currently not linked to a specific Midplus LinkedIn account.