Platform Guidelines

Getting started

Setting your user preferences

It is very important that you set up your preferences for the interaction with the platform.

Steps to set up your preferences:
1. Click on the arrow next to your user picture or avatar on the top right window corner and click on the option Preferences.

In this section you find options to edit your profile, change your passord, set your preferred language but most important, set the way you will be contacted and receive messages and notifications.

User account
  • Forum preferences: decide how you want to be notified when there are new posts in a forum, for example, in the Expert's Corner or in the discussion groups of the Alumni Network. You may also select to be automatically subscribed when posting or to mark posts as read when senidng forum post notification, e.g.

  • Calendar preferences: decide how the calendar will be displayed and the events to look ahead, e.g.

  • Message preferences: select your privacy settings and notification preferences e.g.

  • Notification preferences: you may disable all platform notifications completely or you can select how (web/email) and when (online/offline) you want to be notified about the results of activities, interactions or events e.g.

  • Manage badges: you can see all the badges you have earned and also download them. If connected to a backpack you can also display external badges.
  • Badge preferences: select if you want to display bades on your profile page automatically.
  • Backpack settings: connect to othe other badge backpack providers to have acces to your external badges.