Platform Guidelines

Getting started

Updating your profile

Please make sure that your profile is up to date with your contact information, your competencies and your academic information. In this way you can increase the opportunities to be found by other members of the platform, to be offered a job or simply to extend your network.

Steps to update your user profile:
1. Click on the arrow next to your user picture or avatar on the top right window corner and click on the option Profile.

2. In the section User details on the top left side you will see a link Edit profile. Click on the link to edit your profile.

  • In the Description write a paragraph introducing yourself to make your profile more interesting to other users
  • Load a User picture. If you leave this field blank, it will show a gray person avatar.
  • Fill in any additional names, like middle name or alternate name, if necessary.
  • Under the section Interests you will select your current competencies. Click on the arrow on the list box and select the relevant competencies, one after the other. This will round up your profile and will help by the search of possible job candidates.

  • Under the section Optional you may fill in your contact information as required.
  • The External user group is only active for Alumni or Business partners in the network. Once selected it cannot be changed unless you contact the platform support.
  • Under the Academic information section you may fill in the information on your highest academic degree.
  • Finally, click on Update profile to save and make the changes effective.

Back on your profile, if you click on a competency tag you will be shown other users with this same competency: