Platform Guidelines

Getting started

Creating a new Account

Alumni and Business Partners can create their own accounts but these will first be validated by the platform administration before your receive a confirmation email to the registered email indicating that the account is now active.

Steps to create an account:
1. Click on the button "New account"
2. Fill in the required age and location information for the digital age of consent.

3. Accept the Cookies and Privacy policies:

4. Fill in the required information:
  • the Username must be one word written in small caps
  • the Password must have at least 8 characters, at least 1 digit(s), at least 1 lower case letter(s), at least 1 upper case letter(s), at least 1 non-alphanumeric character(s) such as as *, -, or #.
  • the Email address must be a valid one and pertaining an organisation (no yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc. domains)
  • Please fill in the Institution, City/town and Country fields to help us with user verification process and confirmation of the account.
  • Please select the appropriate user category: Alumni or Business partner. This will have an effect on your access rights in the platform so choose it carefully.
  • Solve the reCAPTCHA task to check that the account is not done by a robot or other spam systems.
  • Once the Platform Administration confirms the account you will receive an Email indicating that the account is active and you can start using the platform.