Platform Guidelines

Adding activities/resources


Adding an Assignment
An Assignment activity enables participants to upload and submit their work. The setup requires some planning ahead so that the assignment can be later used for grading, determining the course completion for the participants, issuing certificates or assigning competencies.

  • give the assignment a descriptive name and additionally a useful description if necessary.
  • enable and set the availabilty date controls as required or disable them.
  • decide how participants will submit their work: as online text or as file. The most common submission format is the file submission.
  • It is recommended to set additional submission parameters to use file storage resources more efficiently like, the maximum number of files to upload, the maximum size of the files and alternatively, you can also restrict the type of files to be uploaded. 

  • Depending on your grading method you can select the type of feedback you want to give, for example as comment. If you enable Comment inline then you can write the comment next to the participant's grade.
  • Other parameters for the submission include:
    • enable the assignment submission button: this allows students to submit their work as a draft and edit/remove it until the submit button is pressed. Once submitted no more changes can be made.
    • the statement of confirmation of authorship/ownerwhip of the submitted work: participants  must acknowledge that the work submitted is their own or they have correctly acknowledged the use of the other peoples' work.
    • If participants should be able to resubmit their work you can set it to be submitted until they pass, or you can set it to be manually reopened by the lecturer, otherwise set it to never.
    • Maximum uploading attempts can also be set although for the assignment file upload it is not recommended and you can leave it as unlimited.
    • Enable submit in groups if you have set up groups in the learning module and you require one piece of work per group. If not enabled, the participants will submit their work individually.
    • If group submission is set, you can require participants to be in a group to make a submission, otherwise they won't be able to submit. You can also require all members to submit, otherwise it is enough when one meber of the group submits.
    • If you have enabled and set groupings withing your module you may also select it, otherwise leave it as none.

  • Decide if you would like to notify participants and other grading lecturers or not.
  • Decide how you are going to grade the work.
    • set to None if you don't want to give a grade or only write a comment
    • set to Scale if you want to grade the work according the defined Competence Scale
    • set to Points if you want to give a number grade and set the maximum grade to achieve.
  • Depending on the grading method chosen you will be asked to set up other parameters. Please refer to the Grades documentation for more information.

  • Under the common module settings you can set the availability of the module, the group mode and groupings if they exist and also add access restrictions by groups/groupings. You may also add other access restrictions based on user profile for example

  • It is useful to set the activity completion for assignments so that you can later use it, for example, to determine the course completion. The simplest form ist to mark the assignment as complete when the participants have submitted their work. You can extend this to require recieving a grade and/or expect it to be completed by a certain date.

  • Save and return to course or Save and display to see the assignment details and submissions.

More Information: Assignments / Groups / Grades