Platform Guidelines

Adding activities/resources


Adding files
One of the most used functionalities within the platform learning modules is the addition of files, for example, PDF, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations, Images (.jpg, .png, .bmp ...), ZIP or compressed files among others. In this case the learning module serves as a structured repository for learning resources.

  • Give the file a descriptive name and then select and upload the file. A description is optional and you can choose to display it or not on the page. The size of the uploaded files should not exceed 50MB.
  • Select how the file is to be displayed/used under Appearance > Display:
    • Embed: shows the file inside the platform site.
    • New Window: the file is displayed in a new browser window.
    • Force download: the file will be downloaded so that users can save and open it offline.  
    • Open: the file is displayed on the browser window on top of the platform hiding it. 
    • In pop-up: the file opens in a pop-up window over the platform which remains visible. You can decide the size of the pop-up windows (1024x768).
    • You may also set other parameters to be displayed like size, type, upload/modified date.
  • Set the Availability: Show, Hide or Make available but not show.
  • Set Restrict access und Activity completion if necessary.
  • Set Tags if you want your resource to be made available for searching.

  • Save and return to course to keep adding activities or resources or Save and display to see how the participants will see the activity or resource.

More information: Files