Platform Guidelines

Adding activities/resources

Student folders

Student folders are an interesting option to use when you would like participants to share files which should be visible for all other participants in the module. Files can be uploaded or taken from an existing assignment.
Important notice: 
All files will be publicly shared in the module when approved can be seen and downloaded by all participants so use the activity carefully to prevent data privacy breaches.

Adding a Student folder
  • Select the section tab where the Student folder should appear and click on Add an activity or resource
  • Go to the option Recommended and click on Student folder. You can star the activity if you want to use it frequently.
  • Give it a descriptive name and add a useful description if required which can also be displayed on the section page.

  • You may then select if the files are to be taken from an existing assignment in the module or they should be uploaded
  • If the file is taken from an assignment it is useful to synchronise the folder with the assignment to share the latest version. It is also recommended to enable the obtain approval option.

  • If the file is to be uploaded, define the maximum number of files and its size. Additionally you may also want to set the type of file to accepted and, if you trust the content, you may enable Approved by default. If not, set the option to No.
  • You may also restrict the time slot for upload and approval, and enable/disable notifications as required.

  • The Student folder activity will appear on the module section and upon clicking on it it will display the list of the shared files. 
  • Participants who have not shared a file will not appear on the list. 
  • The lecturer can change the approval status at any time.