Platform Guidelines

Adding activities/resources


The Choice activity is very useful when you want to run a quick vote on a particular issue.

Adding a Choice
  • Select the section tab where the Choice should appear and click on Add an activity or resource
  • Go to the option Recommended and click on Choice. You can star the activity if you want to use it frequently.
  • Give it a descriptive name and add a useful description if required, which can also be displayed on the section page.
  • Select to display the options vertically or horizontally.

  • Decide whether the selected choice can be changed/updated and whether more than one choice can be selected.
  • To set a maximum number of participants which can select an option set limit the number of responses allowed to Yes. You will then be prompted to select if the available spaces are to be shown and you can then set the limits for each option individually. 
  • By default the Choice activity provides unto 5 options to de defined but you can add more options by clicking on the Add 3 fields to form button.

  • Set the availability of the Choice activity and the settings to publish the results as required.

  • As for other activities/resource you can set the availability, the group mode, set access restrictions and the activity completion if required.

  • Save and return to course or Save and display to see the choice details and submissions.

  • click on the Choice link to open it and save your choice.

  • Click on View (n) responses to see the choices by option, select participant choices and change them or delete them. The results can also be exported as a spreadsheet file (Excel or ODS) or text.

  • If set, participants can see the results as a chart and see the chart data.

More information: Choice activity