Platform Guidelines

Adding activities/resources

Labels and Links

Adding a Label
Labels are usually used as text headings to help organize the display of activities/resources on the page. Configure the settings by adding a  Label text and then set its Availability: Show, Hide or Make available but not show.

Adding a Link

Links can be added to open other webpages, websites or web applications such as the online meetings. Type in a name for the link and then the full web address or URL. If necessary write a description.  
Under Appearance > Display choose if you want the website to appear on the same platform page (embed), on the same browser window (open) or on another browser window (in pop-up,  new window). If you choose the latter options, you can define the display size. Recommended size = 1024 w x 768 h

Then set the Availability: Show, Hide or Make available but not show and decide if it is necessary to restrict access to the link, for example, when individual groups should only have access to their own online-meeting links.

Usually it is not necessary to set the activity completion for links so it can be left as "do not indicate activity completion".

More information: Labels / URL Links