Platform Guidelines

Adding activities/resources

To add activities or resources, make sure to have turned editing on, then click on the section tab where you want them to appear and then on the option Add an activity or resource on the bottom left. This opens up the activities/resources chooser window. These are organized in different tabs: Starred, Activities, Resources and Recommended.

The Starred tab only appears if you have selected activities as your favourites and the Recommended tab shows the activities/resources mostly used on the platform. Under the tab Activities and tab Resources you will find all the available ones for each category.

  • To star an activity or resource, click on the star icon and then add the activity/resource. You can also star and activity/resource later or remove it from your starred list by clicking on the star icon again.
  •  If you want to know more about the activity/resource before adding it, click on the information icon underneath it.
  • To add the activity/resource, click on the selected activity/resource icon to add it.

Following we describe how to use the most common activities applied in the platform so far. For other options, please read the additional information underneath or contact the platform support.

More information: Activities / Resources