Platform Guidelines

Configuring the Learning Modules

Edit the Tabs

The module learn resources and activities are to be added in the tabs. The labels of the template tabs can be changed and new tabs can be added or unwanted tabs deleted. The current tab will be highlighted with the colour of your choice.

Underneath the content sections you will see the options to navigate to the previous and next tabs, in the example underneath "Assignment resources" and "Feedback".

Adding a new Section tab
  • First click on Turn editing on to edit the tabs and add content if not already on.
  • Click on the add iconnext to the last section tab.
  • A new topic section appears with the default section name.

Editing the Section tabs
  • Click on the tab you want to edit, and then on the option Edit > Edit section to the right.

  • To add a custom section name to the tab check the checkbox Custom and type the new name.
  • Additionally you can add a Description of the section which will be displayed first.
  • The tabs appear by default as Normal, first level tabs.
  • You may also define the tab as a sub-level or child of a previous first level tab. In this case, write  under Text of the first tab in sublevel the section name. Make sure you don't add too many child tabs, otherwise it may clutter your module.
  • You can also customise the way the tab looks by changing the Font color, the Background color and if you have experience with CSS, you can also add CSS-styles under CSS properties.

  • The individual tabs can also be customised to restrict access to certain users under certain conditions. Under the section Restric access, click on Add a restriction and define how the access should be restricted, for example, by Date, Grade, Group, User profile field or you can define more than one restriction under Restriction set.

  • Also, under the Edit option on the right, you can click on Highlight to select the tab as the current tab for all users, Hide the topic to make the section invisible for all users except the lecturers and Delete the section completely including activities and resources placed there.
The Tabs Edition Utilities
Under the option Tabs edition utilities underneath the section you can move the section tabs to another position, duplicate the current tab or also add new tab section(s).

  • Reposition the tab: click on the section tab to be moved to select it and then click on Tabs edition utilities. On the list of tabs which appears, click on the section tab where you would like the tab to appear before/after.
  • Duplicate a section tab: click on the section to be copied and then click on Tabs edition utilities > Duplicate. The activities and resources of the section tab will be copied into a new section topic and these will be marked as (copy). You can then edit the section topic and the activities/resources as required. 
  • Adding new sections: under Tabs edition utilities > Add sections you can decide how many sections you want to add. This is useful if you want to add more than one section at a time.