Platform Guidelines

Configuring the Learning Modules

Edit the General section

After the general module settings have been defined and saved, you are ready organise the resources and activities as required. Go to the newly created learning module via the option My Modules or via the dashboard. Click on the button Turn editing on on the top right corner of the module header.

General information

The first step is to adapt the content of the General information section of the module.  Click on the option Edit > Edit section:

  • Select the default text and replace it by typing your own welcome text for the participants (5-10 lines)
  • Click on the image, then on the icon Insert or edit an image and then on the option Upload an image to look for a new image on your computer. A good image size for this picture is  450 x 300 px. The template will resize it to fit its container. Don't forget to respect the copyright or use license of the images you use.
  • Save your changes.

  • The next step is to organise the general content area of the module: General announcements, general information and the links to the online meeting(s). To do this you need to first add the resources or activities you want to have under the headings:
    • got the section where the activities appear with a four-headed arrow and click on the option Add an activity or resource.

  • Under the Tab Recommended you will find the most commonly used activities/resources in the platform. Click on the one you need and it will appear on the course page. To find more information about activities or resources click on the corresponding link: Activities | Resources.
  • Configure your activity or resource as required. For example, if you want to upload a file (PDF, Word document, Excel etc.) you need to
    • give it a descriptive title, upload the file,
    • set how it should be displayed (automatic, pop-up, force download etc.),
    • decide if it should be shown or hidden to be shown at a later stage,
    • restrict the access for example to only certain groups if you are working with groups or according to a user profile field,
    • indicate if the activity or resource should be tracked for module completion or not, and
    • set some tags if you want the resource to be found in the platform searches.

  • Save and return to course to keep adding activities or resources or Save and display to see how the participants will see the activity or resource.
  • The activity or resource appears now at the bottom of the General information section. To add it underneath the blue headings, click again on Edit > Edit section in the General information section and underneath the corresponding heading, write the name of the activity or resource between double brackets. For example, we have just added a PDF file with the name "Workshop timeline":
  • Click on Edit > Edit section and underneath the header Resources type the exact name of the activity between the squared brackets, in this case [[Workshop timeline]] and Save changes.

The result appears then on the module page:

  • When you click on Turn editing off, the list of the source activities or resources underneath disappears leaving a tidy section with general information: