Platform Guidelines

The Alumni Network

This area of the Midplus Communication and Collaboration Platform serves as an exchange place for all our alumni in the platform.

The Alumni Network will be moderated by selected alumni, who will be responsible for posting any general announcements relevant to the Alumni Network, authorising the publishing of events, alumni stories and newsletters.

Every alumni can create a Group of Interest to be able to discuss relevant and interesting topics but these will also be moderated by the Alumni Moderators. Depending on the development or growth of these groups, it maybe necessary to assign a moderator pro Group of Interest.

Furthermore, lecturers and companies can participate in the discussions within the groups of interest and all users can see the information of the events, alumni stories and newsletters.

The option to search for other alumni in the network is however only available to alumni and moderators.

The Midplus platform administration reserves the right to remove users, postings and any inadequate or illegal material from the Network.  Please read the guidelines for participation in this network carefully.