Platform Guidelines

The User Portfolio

The tool Exabis sPortfolio is a thrid-party plugin which allows users to store and share resources (artifacts) such as weblinks, files and notes, with other  users or user groups within the platform, enhancing collaboration.


My CV:

This component which is not linked to the platform's user profile but allows users to input CV information which can be shared and be exported to Europass.

My Portfolio Artifacts: 

Before you ad an artifcat it is advisable to first create categories to organise your resources:

  • click on the Category icon, give the category a meaningful name and add a picture as an icon to help identify the category easily.
  • The drop-down list will show you in which category you are currently working on

  • To add resources to the Category, click on the Category tile and then click on the corresponding resource symbol which you want to add: link, file or note
  • Fill in the required information, upload attachments or add tags and then save, e.g.
  • You may also add categories inside a category to organise the resources better.

  • The Portfolio artifacts can be displayed as tiles but also as a list clicking on the Details layout symbol. If you would like to print your list of resources, click on the Printer-friendly display symbol and use the print function of the Browser.
My Views

To share resources with other users you first need to create a view:

  • click on Add view, add a title and description and save changes.
  • You will be prompted with a canvas or area to place your objects.

  • By default it shows a one-column layout. You can change the layout by clicking on the Layout tab and selecting your preferred design. For example, select two columns with equal width and save changes:

Building the view:
To place your artifacts in the view, simply drag and drop the available artifacts onto the wanted canvas section or column, e.g.

  • To add a header: drag the Headertext symbol onto the canvas and add the Headline.
  • To add a text block: drag the Text symbol onto the canvas, give it a title, write the content and click on add.
  •  To add artifacts from your portfolio: drag the Items symbol onto the canvas. Your artifacts will show and you can select those to appear on your view. You may also filter your artifacts to find them more easily.

  • To add embedded media: drag the symbol Media onto the canvas and fill in the required details. You may choose to create it as a new artifact or simply save it as a resource for your view, e.g.

  • After you finished designing your view don't forget to Save changes.
Sharing your view
You can choose to share your view internally with other members of the Midplus Communication and Collaboration Platform and/or share it externally by Email:
  • Internal access: select the users with whom you want to share the view. You can search for specific  users or you can select users in a particular module. Wenn done, Save changes and go Back:

Going back returns you to the selection screen where you can check if the selected users should really have access to your view. Confirm the selection by clicking on Save changes underneath.
Click on My Views and you will see under the column "Who has access?" the selected users.
If you want to remove access to a view, simply edit the view and deselect the users.
To edit the view click on the gear icon to the right of the view. To delete a view, click on the X icon.

  • Share by Email: input the email adresses one per line and save changes. The recipient will recieve an email with a link to access the shared view and see it as a guest in the platform.

Files can be downloaded, Video and Notes can be viewed but not edited. The view can also be downloaded as PDF containing text and links.

To access other portfolio options the recipient must be an authenticated user of the Midplus platform.

Shared views
If someone shared a view with you you can see and access it via the Shared Views tab. Here you can filter views course and sort them by user, view or date.
To access a view simply click on the user's name and it will show the view(s) shared by this user with you. Click on the View to access its contents:

Shared Categories
You may want to share all resources or artifacts in a category without having to create a view. In this case you need to edit the category,  select the checkbox Share, select the user(s) and Save changes:

If someone has shared a Category with you, you will see it under the tab Shared Categories. Click on Browse this category to have access to the artifacts in it:

You may also recieve a system notification when a user has shared a view or category with you. This will depend on how you set your notification preferences.