Platform Guidelines

The Expert's Corner

The Expert's Corner is the virtual space to exchange experiences and knowledge in the platform. These forums are moderated by the platform experts (lecturers and guest lecturers) and users can decide to subscribe/unsubscribe from them. Favorite discussion rooms can also be starred.

Users can control the forum notifications via the option Preferences on the user menu on the top right corner next to the user image.

Add a new Discussion Topic

To add a new discussion topic fill in the question or topic to discuss under Message, click on the link Advanced and check the box Discussion subscription if not already checked. In this way you ensure that all subscribers receive the notifications when someone replies to the post.

You may also add Attachments, configure the display period and define Tags if you want the content of this post to be found in the tag searches.

If you have a Forum Expert role (only for selected lecturers and business partners) you will also see under Advanced two additional checkboxes to configure the post:

  • Pinned: if you want the post to remain always visible at the top.
  • Send forum post with no editing-time delay: so that subscribers can recieve the corresponding notification as soon as possible.

Add a post or reply to a post
Adding a reply to a post is simple. Choose the discussion and the post you wish to reply to and click on the link Reply.

Depending on your user rights you may also reply privately to a user. Clicking and the link Advanced allows you to add attachments and tags.

After you click on Post to forum you have 30 minutes to make any changes before it the post is locked.

You can change how the thread is displayed, e.g. flat, in threaded or nested form and moderators can move a discussion to another discussion topic if necessary using the filter options at the top.

Under the option Settings you can star the discussion or unsubscribe from it. If you have moderator rights, you may also pin and lock the discussion.