Platform Guidelines

The Midplus Media Center

The Midplus Media Center is the central repository of resources fed by the contributions of lecturers, guest lecturers, business partners and alumni. These can be PDF files, links to web sites, videos, images, podcasts or any other materials for which they have the right to upload.

These authorised users can see all contributions but only manage their own uploads, as seen on the image below.

Students can only see the uploaded material and if allowed, download them.

The Media Center has a built in Search function which also allows the search results to be sorted. The table with the entries can also be sorted by clicking on the relevant headers.

Clicking on the image or on the title link in the table will display the details of the resource:

One can navigate from one resource to the next using the paging bar or one can go back to the table list by clicking on View list at the top left corner.

Clicking on a green tag shows other resources platform-wide which are identified by the same tag.

Users can also rate resources but not the ones they uploaded themselves.

The block Tags can also be used to search for resources in the Midplus Media Center based on a key word. For example, clicking on the term "logistics" gives this result: