Platform Guidelines

The Calendar

Clicking on the Calendar icon on the navigation menu on the left will show the calendar for the current month.

You can choose to show the calendar by month, day and upcoming events for all courses or for a specific one.

You can also create your own new events independent from the courses. These events will be marked as user events and will be shown in an orange colour.

Events entered by lecturers for a course will be shown in a light blue colour and platform-wide events, visible to anyone, will be shown in a darker blue colour.

Blocks area
  • The block Events key can be used to show/hide site, course and user events as needed. Click on the eye icon or on the link to hide/show these.
  • The Monthly view block shows the events from the next three months.
    • Clicking on the month will show the monthly calendar.
    • Moving the cursor over a highlighted date will show the summary of the event.
    • Clicking on the date will show the details.
Export calendar
Click on the button Export calendar to export the calendar dates as an .ics file, which you can later import in other calendar systems. Select the events to export and save the .ics file when prompted to do so. Depending on your Browser, it may be that the .ics file will automatically be saved in the Downloads area.

For more information on how to manage the calendar export click on the link How do I subscribe to this calendar from a calendar application

Manage subscriptions
Click on the button Manage subscriptions to import a calendar from another calendar application. You can import from a Calendar URL or a Calendar .ics file. Select the update interval and add the calendar.  The imported events will be of type User and will show in an orange colour.