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The Cookies policy explains how we use cookies, and how you can manage your cookie options.

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What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of text sent by your web browser by a website you visit. A cookie file is stored in your web browser and allows the site or a third-party to recognise you and make your next visit easier and the site more useful to you.

Moodle cookies

The Midplus Communication & Collaboration Platform of the Midplus Logistics Knowledge Cluster has been developed using the Moodle Learning Management System as  its core system and therefore uses the following cookies, one of which is essential:

Cookie Name
Purpose Expiration More Information
MoodleSession You must allow this cookie into your browser to provide continuity and maintain your login from page to page. When you log out or close the browser this cookie is destroyed (in your browser and on the server).

If you decline or delete cookies you will not be able to log in.

MOODLEID It remembers your username within the browser. This means when you return to this site the username field on the login page will be already filled out for you.
It is safe to refuse this cookie in your Browser - you will just have to retype your username every time you log in.

Google reCAPTCHA

The registration process for new external users (Alumni, Companies and others interested) in this platform use the service reCAPTCHA from Google to protect against unauthorized, spam and bots. In addition to certain standard Google cookies, reCAPTCHA sets a necessary cookie (_GRECAPTCHA) when executed for the purpose of providing its risk analysis. In this case, there is a legitimate interest of the responsible parties in protecting personal data against unauthorized use of this platform.

Provider: Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Moutain View California 94043, USA.
For more information on Google services, please see Google's privacy policy:


In our privacy policy we explain how your data is processed in this platform, what rights you have and who may you contact.

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General Terms and Conditions for using the Communication and Collaboration Platform of the Midplus Logistics Knowledge Cluster

The Communication and Collaboration Platform of the Midplus Logistics Knowledge Cluster is part of an Erasmus+ funded Project developed to promote internationalisation, innovation and exchange of good practices, reinforcing the cooperation between universities and strategic partners in the logistics field. Project partners are: Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), Offenburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany) and VIA Universtity College (Denmark).

The following terms and conditions apply for all registered participants in the Platform of the Midplus Logistics Knowledge Cluster, as well as for users with guest access.

User Registration

The user is granted a simple, non-transferable right to use the Midplus Communication & Collaboration Platform upon registration.

  • Internal users (lecturers and students) will be manually registered through their Institutions when participating in a workshop or seminar delivered through the Platform since this system is currently not connected to any central database or authentication procedure. The personal access data (username and password) corresponds to that provided by the corresponding Institution.
  • External users must create their own account using the option available on the frontpage of the Platform, give consent to the site policies, provide the required information and confirm not being a robot through the reCAPTCHA funktion (see Cookies Policy for more information). The request will be subject to approval by the Platform administration, who will send a confirmation message to the email address provided.
  • As a rule, guest users are not allowed. However, a Member Institution may apply to the Platform Administration for a guest account for the purpose of research or demonstration.

In the course of the registration the following user data will be stored: username, first name and surname, email address, institution and country. New users will be prompted to complete their profiles with additional but optional information: user picture, additional names, interests, contact information and own core competencies. This is entirely voluntarily.

Data protection and use of stored data

The required user data, the additional data voluntarily entered by the users and the data generated by the activities in the platform are stored in a database and will remain available as follows:

Data Expiration Information
User Data
User data is stored as long as the account is active on this site.  One can request the Data Protection Officer to provide a summary of the data stored, request to have incorrect data corrected or request to delete the account and all its data.
Email Address
The email address is required to enable communication within the Platform and will remain stored until an account is deleted.
Users can decide to set the visibility of the email address to other users within her/his profile.
Course Data
Course data will remain visible as long as the course remains active. Individual activities will be hidden and the student data deleted after a course is closed.
The lecturer leading the workshop/ seminar is responsible to determine the status of the course and its data after the end date.
Data entered in Public Contributions
Personal contributions in discussion forums, blogs, chats or the like will remain stored unless specifically required to be removed or the course containing these is deleted.
Deletion requests need to be addressed to the Data Protection Officer.
Logged Session Data
This data will remain for 6 months stored during the project test phase. If no statistical analysis is needed, it will be reduced to 30 days thereafter.
Only the Platform Administration has access to these log files so as to ensure the correct operation of the Platform and detect anomalies or possible failures  timely.

  • Students who graduate and want to remain as user in the Platform can change their Profile by activating the option Alumnus in their profile. 
  • Users who have not been active on the Platform for a period of over 365 days will be erased with all his/her data from the Platform following a notification by email.
  • Active and inactive courses will form automatically part of the Platform's Knowledgebase and will not be  erased unless the lecturer responsible decides to. 
General obligations

  • All users are obliged to treat the data of other users accessible to them as strictly confidential and refrain from passing it on to third parties without the written consent of the data owner.
  • Disclosure of the data to third parties is forbidden unless the user permits this or the Platform Admnistration is obliged to surrender data on the basis of provisions of law.
  • Users may not:
    • alter or erase data of other users or make it unusable and/or use it for other than  its designated purpose.
    • distribute materials of unconstitutional organisations or their ideology.
    • make injurious, offensive or defamatory statements concerning other persons or intentionally     damage their reputation
  • Any use of the platform for private and/or commercial purposes, is strictly prohibited.

Elements which may be subject to copyright protection, such as course materials, photographs, videos etc., which are used anywhere in the Platform, may not be used outside the Platform or its corresponding course room, or passed on to third parties, unless explicitly permitted with the author’s written consent.
If users set up links to external websites, they must ensure in advance that the linked external websites do not have any unlawful content.


In the event of a culpable violation by the user of the obligations provided for in these General Terms and Conditions of Use, the user shall be liable in accordance with the provisions of law. In the event of serious and/or continued violations of these terms and conditions of use, the user in question will be permanently excluded from the use of the Platform.

The Midplus Logistic Knowledge Cluster Project Team operates and maintains the Platform and is therefore only liable for breaches of obligation due to gross technical negligence or intentional misconduct.


With your consent you declare that you have taken note of the regulatory framework for the use of the Platform and that you agree to the processing of your data. You have the right to revoke your consent at anytime, however, this will mean that you may not be able to access and use the Platform further.


The Midplus Logistic Knowledge Cluster Project Team reserves the right to amend or supplement these terms and conditions of use in future as required, which will be timely communicated. If the changes are to be significant, you will need to consent to the terms and conditions of use again.

Last changed: Tuesday, 2nd March 2021